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We Believe – An Introduction to Synnect


Synnect is a corporation that creates, innovates and connects people and ideas through research and technology. Our strength lies in our philosophy of achieving the synergy of Development, Systems and Analytics. Our expertise in these three fields give expression to our passion – to make sense of complexity.

We Believe

We believe in combining the best in development and design and innovating intelligent systems that defy automation. We believe in delivering data that equips you with the perspective to understand events with clarity. We strive to be the foremost customer-centric source of solutions. We believe in the need for horizontal integration of web/data systems that we create, to better participate in sectors where we can make a contribution. We believe in in-deep collaboration and cross-pollination of our service divisions, which allow us to innovate in ways that others cannot. We believe in eliminating redundant complexity, in favour of optimised simplicity. We believe in tireless innovation. We believe in saying no to a thousand things – to settle for nothing less than excellence. We believe in people, in companies, in their vision for success. It is our desire to focus.

We believe that less is more, in delivering projects that appeal visually and communicate both effectively and efficiently, translating ideas into capital.

We develop and implement adaptive systems that think independently, driving efficiencies and freeing resources to create value.

We believe in distilling intelligence that matters. Regardless of whether you want to be proven wrong or right, data can accomplish it. With help of complex algorithms, we harness data to deliver meaningful information, and provide invaluable insights to reliably predict future trends.