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Mobile payment market to increase by 25%

Innovations in mobile payment services have generated new opportunities worldwide, says TrendForce. The global mobile payment market will reach US $780 billion by the end of 2017, amounting to an annual increase of 25.8%.This is according to market research firm TrendForce, which notes mobile payment services expanded significantly during 2016 as smartphone makers intensify their efforts […]

A sceptic’s view of the Internet’s impact in Africa

With almost half the world’s population now online, attempts to spread the Internet continue unabated. The likes of Facebook and Google offer data services for “free”, while satellites, drones, and balloons are used to cover those places that traditional technologies have not been able to reach. Underlying this agenda is a rationale that the spread […]

Free Wi-Fi launched in Woolworths stores

Woolworths has launched free Wi-Fi for customers in 85 stores nationwide, with additional connections planned by early 2018, the JSE-retailer said. The decision to offer Wi-Fi comes on the back of strong growth in the company’s e-commerce platform, it said. Woolworths has experienced double-digit online sales growth since the start of the holiday season, with […]

Twenty Books to Read in 2017

We believe that every person should read at least 20 books a year. At Synnect, we gave the entire organization a challenge to read the books below as corporative. The challenge is open to every one and once we have finished reading each book, we will post our findings on each books and what lessons […]

Win a website ! worth R12000.00

It’s competition time !!! Feeling lucky ? Then this might just be the time to give things a try. Stand an amazing chance to win a website to the value of up to R12000.00. All you need to do is share our page on Facebook with 25 or more of your friends and chance to win a website […]

Why Your Small Business Needs an SSL Certificate

The Internet of Things has changed the way businesses and consumers think about security. According to identity theft protection services provider Lifelock, research confirms that one in four people have experienced identity theft. When you build a website for your e-commerce site, you have to take rigorous steps to protect your company and the data […]

How to Run a Successful Online Giveaway

Your site visitors are your customers, your brand advocates, and your best friends. They boost your business, popularize your brand, and, ultimately, keep your business thriving. As a website owner, it’s important to reward that loyalty and keep your visitors coming back for more. So how do you give back? There are several ways to […]

The Value of a First Impression

First impressions are powerful. In business, personal relationships, or social situations, your first encounter with another person has an enormous impact on how others treat you and sets the trajectory for future interactions. For small businesses, a website is often the first thing potential customers will see. And for better or worse, your website brings […]